Comp Team

Comp Team is for kids who are exceptionally motivated by competitive climbing for all age divisions of USA Climbing. These Team members are self motivated and excited to climb and eager to improve, coachable and make the commitment to climb beyond 3 days of team practices. Comp Team practice will be 3 days a week. All Comp Team members are required to be on time, stay for the entire duration of practice and participate in all activities that are a part of Team practice. Comp Team members are required to become members of USA Climbing and compete in two local USA Climbing Sanctioned competitions and the resulting USA Climbing Regional Competition. Comp Team members will also need to sign a Team contract agreeing to Comp Team requirements.

Enrolled climbers receive:

  • Team logo clothing and equipment
  • 25% discount on retail gear and clothing
  • Free parent belay lessons
  • Gym membership for themselves and a belayer to climb at any Planet Rock anytime
  • Climbing safety instruction for indoor and outdoor climbing
  • Lead climbing instruction