6 Hours of Planet Rock Heck FAQ


If I only top rope, can I still be on a team with someone who wants to lead?
Of course, as long as you have both passed a lead-belay check at the gym and you are comfortable with the ins and outs of belaying lead. Safety first!

Are spectators welcome?
You bet. Only registered teams can climb, but “coaches”, well-wishers and snack-providers can join us for free.

Can I bring in my own food and snacks?
Teams can bring their own food and beverages to sustain them for the long evening of climbing. However, food and drink are not allowed on the gray mats, so snack breaks can only happen during non-climbing times. Plan accordingly… We also have the regular goodies for purchase; drinks, caffeine, bars and snacks.

Can I change or switch out partners during the comp?
No can do. Once you create a team, that is your team for the entire comp. Choose your partner carefully – who is going to make the best belay partner possible – for 6 HOURS?

Climbing for 6 hours is a long time. Do I have to stay the entire comp?
You can leave whenever you and your partner feel ready. We would love to have you stay the entire time, but we understand that sometimes you just want to sleep in your own bed. We’ll let you know if your team won any awards or prizes via email.

How do I get a super cool comp shirt?
Pre-register for the comp by September 15 and you get the shirt for free! If you register Sept 16 or later, there is no guarantee of a shirt. None whatsoever. Just register before the 15th to be on the safe side.

More questions? Our staff is ready to help you out. Visit us at the front desk of either gym location!