Lead Lessons

Leading requires skill, strength and smarts. Unlike top rope climbing, lead climbing requires the climber to actively clip the rope into a series of quickdraws as they move up the wall. If you currently climb multiple 5.10+ routes in succession without tiring, learning to lead may be the next step in your climbing journey.

Planet Rock lead classes teach the fundamentals of both lead climbing and lead belaying. Instructors cover use of climbing equipment, safety commands, correct methods for lead belaying, proper clipping and rope management, as well as how to catch lead falls. At the start of your lesson, an instructor determines if you are ready to lead climb at Planet Rock. We do not offer refunds, so please make sure to read the prerequisites below before scheduling a lesson. Feel free to talk to any staff member about whether or not you are ready for this class before you register.

Once the initial lesson is complete, you still need to pass a lead “check” the next time you come in to the gym, usually taking 30 minutes or less. It allows both participants and instructors to ask follow-up questions, check technique and ensure both belayer and climber are ready to go. You may begin leading at any of the Planet Rock gym locations!

We schedule lead lessons at least 2 weeks in advance! Sign up early to ensure class availability. Dates and times vary by gym. Please check back often for current class schedules.

Participants must be 16 years or older, climbing multiple routes 5.10+ in succession, comfortable using a Sticht plate (ATC) belay device. Day 1 of lesson consists of a 3-hour class. Day 2 requires a 30 min lead “check”, which takes place on your next visit to the gym. 

Mondays |    MAR 11   MAR 18   MAR 25   APR 1   APR 8  |  3:00-6:00pm or 6:30-9:30pm |  $55
Fridays  |   MAR 15   MAR 22   MAR 29   APR 5   APR 12  |  3:00-6:00pm or 6:30-9:30pm |  $55
Saturdays  |   MAR 23   MAR 30   APR 6   APR 13   APR 20  |  10:00am-1:00pm |  $55

Mondays  |  MAR 18   MAR 25  |  3:00-6:00pm  |  $55
Tuesdays  |  April dates coming soon!  |   6:00-9:00pm  |  $55
Wednesdays  |  MAR 13   MAR 27   |  4:30-7:30pm  |  $55