Planet Rock offers both recreational and competitive climbing programs for kids of all ages and abilities. Our programs not only teach safety and foundational climbing techniques, but also nurture a lifelong love of fitness, fun and the sport of climbing.

Planet Rock offers recreational climbing classes for climbers ages 4-15. Programs are designed to support the needs of young climbers, combining development of technical skills and climbing safety with a lifelong enjoyment of the sport of climbing. Classes meet once a week for a 3-month semester. Recreational programs offer 4 different levels of classes, so instructors can meet climbers at their individual skill level.
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Planet Rock’s competitive programs prepare young climbers to succeed in competition climbing. Rigorous, challenging programs meet the needs of your individual child; coaches engage kids in conditioning, technique, and movement skills to keep climbers performing at their peak. Enrollment in our competitive programs is by invitation only. Climbers enrolled in our recreational programs who demonstrate significant skill, as well display an interest in competition, may be asked to join our competitive programs.
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Planet Rock summer camps provide kids with a safe environment in which to explore movement, practice teamwork and have fun. Knowledgeable and experienced staff instruct campers in proper climbing safety, as well as skills and techniques for climbing. We have been offering summer camps since 1998! Our experienced staff will guide your climber to new and exciting heights. Camps run June-August, please visit our Program details for more information.

We would love to have you and your family become a part of our Planet Rock community! If you have any questions, please contact us for more information about any of our kids programs. Come visit us for a day, month, or semester of climbing – it’s an exciting adventure you won’t want to miss!