Programs for Kids

Planet Rock offers climbing programs for kids of all ages and abilities. Our programs are designed not only to teach the safety and technical skills necessary for climbing, but also to nurture a lifelong love for fitness, fun and the sport of climbing.

  • All children enter our Programs for Kids through our recreational classes; ABC, Rock Hoppers or Club. As children age and progress in their climbing skills, they will graduate into more advanced programs. Kids who demonstrate significant skill and drive may be invited to join our competitive programs.
  • All programs for kids include benefits for parents! Interested parents may learn to belay for free and may climb for free during their child’s class time.
  • Enrollment in our Programs for Kids (excepting ABC I & II) entitle an enrolled child to a gym membership for unlimited climbing at any Planet Rock location, a free pass for a belayer anytime and discounts on gear and clothing.
  • Cancellations of classes or enrollments in programs with less than 2 weeks notice will not be refunded. If a program is in session and a member wishes to cancel in the middle of the session, they will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. They will be refunded the remaining amount of classes, minus one, from the time of notification. The date of the last attended class must be included in the request for cancellation. There are no refunds or make ups for missed classes. 


Recreational Programs

Competitive Programs

Private Lessons

Summer Camp