At Planet Rock, we consider cross-training to be an extremely important part of any climbing experience. Aerial silks offer a fun way to gain flexibility, strength and coordination; all skills that will help elevate your climbing practice. From conditioning 101 classes to weekly foundational aerial technique classes – we can help find the perfect program to meet your fitness interests.

When coming to aerial classes, please wear clothes that are on the tighter side (really loose clothing may get caught in the fabric), and that your armpits, backs of your knees and lower back are completely covered. Please remove jewelry before coming to class and make sure your feet are fresh and tidy! (We only use bare feet on the silks.)


Partner silks is back! Grab a significant other, a friend, or a friend you wish was a significant other and get ready to have some fun. All this class requires is a partner and a willingness to share a little personal space. Learn poses on the silk made just for two – focus on balance, coordination and trust ;) You’ll get a workout plus a few laughs. But don’t take our word for it, check out the gallery below to see some photos taken from our previous partner class! We would love to see you there, so register early – classes fill up fast. Participants must be 16+.

MADISON HEIGHTS: Saturday,  SEPT 9  |  10:00-11:30am  |  $35/couple    Reserve your space online
Only one person needs to sign up – we know both of you will be there! Just make sure each participant has a digital waiver (Planet Rock account) signed online. 

Silks101FREE SILKS 101
Combining strength and conditioning training on the fabric, Silks 101 classes are 60-minutes of aerial workout. Because of the unique experience of working on fabric, silks conditioning incorporates continuous core and muscle activation throughout an entire exercise. Learn how to safely work out (and then stretch) muscles in shoulders, hips and hands – extremely important areas that many climbers neglect. Free with membership or day pass. Participants must be 16+.

MADISON HEIGHTS: Tuesday evenings, 6:00-7:00pm:  SEPT 12

Instructors cover foundational techniques for climbing, locks and body positions in our beginning aerial classes. Learn to twirl, pose and fly while you build strength and increase flexibility. Participants must be 16+.

MADISON HEIGHTS: New sessions begin October 7!

ANN ARBOR: Fridays  |  Sept 15 – Dec 1  |  7:00-8:00pm  |  $195 session  _Reserve your space online


Instructors cover the basics of climbs, locks and body positions in this beginning aerial silk class. Students build strength, flexibility and grace while working through this 8 or  11-weeek series. Sessions culminate in a class performance. Perfect for ages 9-15.

MADISON HEIGHTS: New sessions begin October 7!

ANN ARBOR: Fall sessions are currently full. Winter session enrollment begins Dec.



Learn the foundational grips, positions, and skills for beginning-level lyra (hanging steel hoop).  Instructors focus on strength and flexibility, mounts and dismounts, as well as safely working on skills and transitions that blend into routines.  Please wear leggings and a tight fitting tank top or t-shirt.

ANN ARBOR: Wednesdays  |  Sept 15 – Dec 1  |  8:00-9:00pm  |  $195 session    Reserve your space online

Are you looking for a fun, active and interesting adventure? Try aerial silks! Private group aerials are perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, dance groups and gymnasts. No matter your age, ability or skill-level, your group will leave feeling successful and enthused – along with great memories and great pictures!

Private Groups
MADISON HEIGHTS: Classes can be tailored to the needs and specifications of the group. Private group sessions are non-refundable. Contact us 2-3 weeks ahead for best available times. Email with questions or to schedule.
Cost: $45/person, minimum of 4 people
Time: 2 hours
Age requirements: 14 years or older

Private Lessons
MADISON HEIGHTS: Are you trying to work on a specific skill and just can’t get it? Do you want to learn a move a little more in-depth than was covered in class? Lessons can be tailored to the needs and specifications of your group. Private group sessions are non-refundable. Contact us 2-3 weeks ahead for best available times. Email with questions or to schedule.
Cost: $55/hour, up to 3 people
Time: minimum of 1 hour
Age requirements: 10 years or older