Aerial Silks

Silks 101 combines the aesthetics of aerial silks with the strength and conditioning training needed to elevate your climbing practice. Because of the unique experience of working on fabric, silks conditioning incorporates continuous core and muscle activation throughout an entire exercise. Instructors show how to safely work out (and then stretch) muscles in shoulders, hips and hands – extremely important areas that many climbers neglect.

When coming to aerial classes, please wear clothes that are on the tighter side (really loose clothing may get caught in the fabric), and that your armpits, backs of your knees and lower back are completely covered. Please remove jewelry before coming to class and make sure your feet are fresh and tidy! (We only use bare feet on the silks.)

SILKS 101 SCHEDULE: Reserve your space online, click on MH Adult Classes tab
MADISON HEIGHTS:  Classes are limited to 9 people. Participants must be 16 or older.


MADISON HEIGHTS: Every month, Planet Rock will feature workshops that focuses on introducing new skills to enhance your practice. Workshop participants must be successful at basic climbing and able to control an invert on the fabric in order to get the most from the class. While these skills will be reviewed, workshops will not be focusing on instructionally teaching these moves.   

DOUBLES/COUPLES: Madison Heights gym, ages 16+
This doubles class is the perfect way for you and a partner to create a unique and memorable Valentine’s Day! Fun combinations, poses and balances will leave you with some great pictures and lots of laughs. An uplifting way to to get rid of the winter “blahs” with your favorite person. To fully enjoy this class we recommend you be comfortable with your partner (you are definitely going to be sharing some physical space) and come ready to work on some duo moves with a buddy.

MADISON HEIGHTS: Planet Rock offers aerial classes for kids ages 10-14 every other month on Saturdays, 10-11:00am. These classes fill up quickly, so make sure you check the schedule often! Kids Aerials work on both silks and lyra (aerial hoop), teaching circus skills that focus on balance, coordination and fun! In addition, private lessons/groups for younger students can be set up on a case-by-case basis, determined by both the age and ability of the participating children. For more information, please contact or
We are currently adjusting our programs in Mind Body. To enroll in this class, search under the MH Adult Classes tab. We apologize for any confusion!

Are you looking for a fun, active and interesting adventure? Try aerial silks! Private group aerials are perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, dance groups and gymnasts. No matter your age, ability or skill-level, your group will leave feeling successful and enthused – along with great memories and great pictures!

Private Groups
MADISON HEIGHTS: Classes can be tailored to the needs and specifications of the group. Private group sessions are non-refundable. Contact us 2-3 weeks ahead for best available times. Email with questions or to schedule.
Cost: $45/person, minimum of 4 people
Time: 2 hours
Age requirements: 14 years or older

Private Lessons
MADISON HEIGHTS: Are you trying to work on a specific skill and just can’t get it? Do you want to learn a move a little more in-depth than was covered in class? Lessons can be tailored to the needs and specifications of your group. Private group sessions are non-refundable. Contact us 2-3 weeks ahead for best available times. Email with questions or to schedule.
Cost: $55/hour, up to 3 people
Time: minimum of 1 hour
Age requirements: 10 years or older