At Planet Rock, we strive to bring you fitness classes that will elevate your climbing practices. Increased flexibility, strength and body awareness all translate to a better climbing experience. We have a number of programs that will benefit climbers of all ability levels who are looking to advance their climbing skills. Our classes are designed with climbers in mind.

All 101 classes are FREE with a gym membership or purchased gym day pass. Each class is one hour in duration. Come to climb and stay for a class!

YOGA 101: Classes focus on proper body alignment, muscle engagement and breathing control. Stretch yourself out, improve your mental focus, and physical balance by attending one of our weekly yoga 101 classes.

• AERIAL SILKS 101 / Mixed Aerials: Combining the aesthetics of aerial silks, along with strength and conditioning training that climbers need. Instructors show how to safely work out (and then stretch) muscles in shoulders, hips and hands – extremely important areas that many climbers neglect. 

• CLIMBING 101: Learn basic foot and hand positioning on a variety of holds, climbing techniques for both top rope and bouldering, as well as the importance of and “how-to” for efficient route traversing. For climbers 5.6-5.9 range.

Planet Rock is all about climbing. Our classes and instructional clinics are designed to elevate your climbing experience by improving technique, strength, knowledge and flexibility. Classes fit a wide range of climbing levels and abilities.

• GYM TO CRAG: Learn (or refresh) with professional training on skills needed to climb outside. Our Gym to Crag class is an overview of what you need to know to climb safely on simple pre-bolted single-pitch sport routes. For more information, refer to our Gym To Crag section.

• LEAD LESSONS: Instructors cover use of climbing equipment, safety commands, correct methods for lead belaying, proper clipping and rope management, as well as how to catch lead falls. Lead lessons take 2 days to complete; 1 day for the lesson, 1 day for a lead-check the next time you climb. For class availability and information, refer to our Lead Lessons section.

• HOW TO CLIMB 5.10 or 5.11: Take your climbing to the next level with one of our most popular classes! The ultimate resource to improve your footwork, route reading, movement, grip skills and more. Learn the tips and methods to improve strength, technique and overall climbing ability.

• ANCHOR BUILDING THEORY: Learn the theory and basic skills needed to construct top rope and multi-pitch anchors using installed bolt hangers or trees. Hands-on instruction tying knots, identifying carabiners and setting several types of anchors.

Many climbing classes are offered seasonally – refer to the climbing section often for the latest classes and schedules. Climb on!

See results both on and off the wall with our Group Fitness classes. Increase your endurance, strength and body awareness elevate your overall climbing practice!

GROUP FITNESS: Reach your goals this year with hour-long group training and coaching sessions with certified personal trainer. Rock climbing specific exercises for both sport and bouldering. Classes meet 6-weeks, M & W. Good for all levels, ages 18+.