At Planet Rock, we strive to bring you fitness classes that will elevate your climbing practices. Increased flexibility, strength and body awareness all translate to a better climbing experience. We have a number of programs that will benefit climbers of all ability levels who are looking to advance their climbing skills. Our classes are designed with climbers in mind. All 101 classes are free with a gym membership or purchased gym day pass. Each class is one hour in duration. Come to climb and stay for a class!

YOGA 101classes focus on proper body alignment, muscle engagement and breathing control. They are suitable for any level practitioner (age 16 and up), offering core poses and variations for students of differing abilities. Stretch yourself out, improve your mental focus, and physical balance by attending one of our weekly yoga 101 classes, available now at both gym locations.

AERIAL SILKS 101Silks 101 combines the aesthetics of aerial silks, along with strength and conditioning training. Because of the unique experience of working on fabric, silks conditioning incorporates continuous core and muscle activation throughout an entire exercise. Instructors show how to safely work out (and then stretch) muscles in shoulders, hips and hands – extremely important areas that many climbers neglect. 

CLIMBING 101: This climbing class is a great review for current climbers and a great introduction for beginners. Instructors cover topics such as basic foot and hand positioning on a variety of holds, climbing techniques for both top rope and bouldering, as well as the importance of and how-to for efficient route traversing.