Experienced Climbers


Planet Rock welcomes climbers of all ability and experience levels. We offer a variety of top rope, lead, bouldering and auto-belay routes – so you can find the perfect climb no matter what your ability level. At any given time, we have around 200 routes that are set to provide great workouts to climbers in need of a challenge. Our routes are constantly changing in order to offer climbers the best selection and variation possible.

In addition to our awesome routes, Planet Rock offers several classes to help take your climbing to the next level:
Planet Rock’s Yoga 101 and Mixed Aerial 101 classes are designed with climbers in mind, and help support, strengthen and stretch climber “neglected” areas such as core, shoulders, hips and hands. All 101 Classes are free with your day pass or gym membership, so check them out!

Learn the fundamentals of both lead climbing and lead belaying; 1 day for the initial lesson, 1 day for a lead-check the next time you climb.  Instructors cover use of climbing equipment, safety commands, correct methods for lead belaying, proper clipping, rope management and how to catch lead falls.

Transition from indoor climbing to real rock during this 3-hour class. Get a comprehensive, hands-on overview of the basic skills needed to climb safely on pre-bolted single-pitch sport routes. Learn techniques such as managing gear, setting up a climb, cleaning a route, as well as outdoor climbing etiquette and environmental stewardship practices.

Keep an eye on our climbing section for updates on monthly climbing clinics – such as multi-pitch, anchor building theory, ice climbing, crack climbing. Clinics focus on a different area or aspect of climbing, so if you are looking to expand your climbing practice – we can help!

If you have additional questions that are not covered here, please refer to Planet Rock’s General FAQ or contact us for more details.