Planet Rock is exited to announce its fall WEEKEND BOULDERING SERIES!

Who: The WBS is for men and women of all levels ages 17 and up.
There will be recreational, intermediate, and advanced categories.

Where: Competitions will be at our Madison Heights & Ann Arbor Gyms.

Format: This will be a Redpoint peer judged series. Competitors can come in at
any point during the designated times to compete.

Attempts are not recorded, just completions.

Competitors can work on their problems as many times as they want over the
period of each comp. This means they can work on problems from multiple days.
Keeping track of scorecards will be very important.

Competitors must compete in 3 competitions to qualify for the final competition on February 6th.

Cost: The cost is $17 per competition, or
you can pay $110 and get in to all 7 competitions!

Register at the door to pick up your scorecard.
You can register at any time during the comp.

The Schedule:
1 | Ann Arbor | 7PM Oct 24th – 6PM Oct 26th | RESULTS
2 | Madison Heights | 10AM Nov 9th – 10PM Nov 11th | RESULTS
3 | Ann Arbor | 7PM Nov 21st – 6PM Nov 23rd | RESULTS
4 | Madison Heights | 10am Dec 7th – 10PM Dec 9th | RESULTS
5 | Ann Arbor | 7PM Jan 9th – 6PM Jan 11th | RESULTS
6 | Madison Heights | 7PM Jan 23rd – 6PM Jan 25th | RESULTS
F | Madison Heights | 6PM Feb 6th | RESULTS