Man climbing MoonBoard

Madison Heights’ MoonBoard is ready for climbing! Complete with LED identification, our MoonBoard makes it easy to train hard and climb even harder! With thousands of MoonBoard problems to choose from, you are sure to find a route that challenges your climbing skills.

What is a MoonBoard?
Created by Ben Moon, a MoonBoard is a 40 degree angled training board set with a standardized grouping of fixed holds. A numbered grid and direction indicator (go up!) allows users all over the world to train on the exact same problems.

Although the location of each crimp, pinch, sloper and pocket stay the same day after day, it doesn’t mean that working a MoonBoard route isn’t a challenge. According to MoonBoard, this type of training board is the most effective strength training tool for climbing.

How to use Planet Rock’s MoonBoard
Planet Rock’s MoonBoard is set using all three possible hold sets, giving you the ability to choose from any of the available route problems online. When selecting a problem, feel free to search through all setups (original school, hold set A and B) because we have them all!

All 140 MoonBoard holds are set in a grid pattern; letters run horizontal, numbers vertical. Locate each hold by finding where the assigned letter and number intersect.

MoonBoard route MoonBoard with LED system
When viewing a route online, your path is highlighted by red boxes. Finish hold is in black.  When viewing in person, the LED system indicates the path you follow. Just sync to the App!

Getting started
The easiest way to begin working the MoonBoard is to download their App. It’s new, it’s free, and it works on iOS, Windows and Android. Once you have the App, your chosen problem will sync with the MoonBoard LED system. Select a route and watch your path light up!

No smartphone? No worries. Anything you can do via the App can also be done online; search, view and sort problems through the MoonBoard website. You can print your route coordinates directly from the website.

Pick your problem
With over 10,000 problems to choose from – and almost 3,000 of those rated at three stars – you have options! Filter your search by selecting a grade, rating or level. MoonBoard problems rate 6b+ all the way to 8b. Like all problems, ratings are subjective. Routes can be easier or harder based on for your particular climbing style and skill set.

Just remember: feet follow hands and both hands on the finishing hold!

MoonBoard profile
Become a part of the MoonBoard Community by creating an online profile. Log your ascents and details about each training session, share problems with friends, as well as grade and rate problems created by other MoonBoard users. You can even upload videos!

Even more training
Get your complete training workout at Planet Rock’s Madison Heights location. In addition to the MoonBoard, try out the circuit wall, hangboard and [WHAT] section so you can train hard and climb harder. See you at the gym!